Mission 60 Escape Room

Mission 60 Escape Room

Difficulty : ★★★★


After weeks of intensive investigation, the security forces remain unable to locate the whereabouts of the President’s son, who has been secretly abducted a month ago. This is regarded as being highly confidential by the government and the intelligence agency has supressed the flow of information to general public.

As time passed with no word from the kidnappers, the President is becoming increasingly nervous and is losing patience. The President has instructed you and the Hostage Rescue Team to take on this rescue mission and to reveal the plot behind it.

Time is getting tight.

After 60 hours of careful investigation and analysis, you successfully identified the location of the hostage, in Flat 60. You are the President’s only hope. With 60 minutes in hand, you are now ready to storm into the flat…






  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior your allocated time slot for registration and preparation.
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  • Detective style clothes might help to sharpen your mind. Wear comfortable clothes but refrain from wearing high heels for safety reasons.
  • We welcome children between the age of 6 and 16 to participant provided that they are accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • Escape games are not recommended for those with heart conditions, claustrophobia due to the excitement and suspense-filled experience of the game.
  • Warning: our games can be highly addictive!